#WriteRight: How to Choose the Perfect Character Name in Three Easy Steps


Copy of talk to me.pngA character’s name is not only the first decision you’ll make regarding their character background- it’s also probably one of the most important decisions. You want their name to have meaning and value. Sometimes you might want an average name, like Joe or Jane.

If you do want to go the more interesting route, please be careful. If you end up with something ridiculous, like Mirekendesworhten, your poor readers are going to want to cut out your tongue. (No offense to the Mirekendesworhtens of the world. Sorry.) You want the name to be awesome and easy to pronounce.

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#WriteRight: Five Overused Romance Tactics You Should Definitely Avoid

And I’m back for more writing advice. Today I’m here to talk about one of the most complicated parts of writing any story… the romance.

the problem (2)

After reading thousands of books throughout my professional reading career, I have reached a simple conclusion: Love sells. Almost every single book I’ve ever read contains some form of love. It’s easy to understand why: love is relatable. Every human being has a natural desire to love and be loved. The reason we like to read about love is because we all either have experienced it or want to experience it.

Love comes in many forms- friendship, family, or romantic. But at some point in your novel, you’ll want to include some form of relationship between your characters. And the most popular type of love, especially in YA fiction, is the romantic kind. Whether or not your book is a “romance novel,” you’ll probably end up writing about some sort of relationship. And it’s important to get this right, because it might be what makes or breaks your novel.

Here are five clichés I know I’m tired of- it’s probably best to avoid them all together.

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