Hello! I Am NOT Dead, Just… Exhausted.


It’s Sarah, the girl you haven’t heard from in almost six months? Whoops. Yeah. That’s me.

I heard some interesting rumours circulating through the blogsphere that I am dead.. and… that’s not true.

Just in case you were worried.

I know what you’re thinking… SARAH WHERE HAVE U BEEN.

And the answer, my friend, is: College.


(actual gif of me crying)

I honestly did not expect college to be this busy. Or this draining. I am taking some difficult general credits (send HELP please) and I have not even finished a single book on my own free time yet. I know. It’s awful.

I did read a bunch of boring history books that are N.O.T. worth reviewing, but other than that nothing has happened that I felt like documenting on this blog.


Next semester (starting January), I will have so much more free time!! I decided to treat myself and take a Creative Writing class that I am STOKED for. Which means I will finally have time to read (and hopefully review) some books!! I am relieved!

Please comment some of your favorite new reads below, I am so behind on the times. I promise Breathe Pages will be fully operational come January!! I need some new things to read.

See you soon!



So You Want to Publish a Book: A Guide to Self-Publishing

In early 2016, I began a process that was completely foreign to me: self-publishing. After almost eight months, I finally published my first novel, The Rose Garden. To date, it has sold over 300 copies, and to celebrate I thought I would shed a little light on the whole process for you curious little minds out there.

Copy of talk to me.jpg

Write your book. And rewrite. And rewrite.

True, this step is kind of a given, but it’s the most important out of all the steps. Let me stress this: just because your book is self-published does not mean it can still be full of errors. You want to put out quality work, here! Your book is important, and you should make sure that it’s close to perfect before you put it out there. Your readers don’t want to feel like they’re reading one of your high school essays.

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12 Books I (Actually) Need to Read This Summer

Hello to the few of you who still read my ramblings after a five month hiatus. (Whoops.)

I figured I owed you guys somewhat of an explanation if I, you know… want to be a decent person.

I LOVE blogging about books, and I have always loved keeping up a blog, but I needed a break.

Senior year was a (bit) stressful/really fun/really busy time for me. I found that I was wasting a lot of time on the blogosphere that I needed for homework and prepping for college and attempting to socialize (I know, what??)

So I took a break and instead used my blogging time for school, and I actually GOT INTO COLLEGE (guys what is this). Also two weeks ago I started a novel and am actually pretty far into it so that’s exciting.


But anyway, now that senior year homework stress is OVER and summer is here, I am back and ready to blog!! Here are 12 books I really need to read this summer.

(Also my birthday is in like two weeks and I will finally be an adult so if you all want to buy me some books I would not complain just sayinnnn.)

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Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch (plus cotton candy, because why not)

Fun fact: I probably never would have picked up this book if it wasn’t for that delicious h25756328azelnut gelato that I had on our trip to Las Vegas.

Mmm, that was the most delicious non-ice cream ice cream that I’ve ever had.

(Also, it has a pastel cover, and I have developed a new obsession with pastel covers.)

I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book. A lot of my favorite reviewers gave it one or two stars, which surprised me.

I think the reason this book might be getting some lower-end reviews is because it’s a cotton candy read.

See, a cotton candy read is a book that isn’t particularly eye-opening or life-changing, and it might not actually do you any good; it’s just a bunch of fluff that tastes really yummy.

The main character, Lina, has her fair share of struggles: her mother passes away from cancer and she is sent to a foreign country [aka Italy] to live with her father, who she didn’t even know existed.

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