July Recap: My Failed Novel Project and A Lot of Reading

It’s time for a JULY RECAP.

This July, I read and wrote more than I have all year. I got a lot of stuff done, and I still have a lot to do for college before I move down there in August.


Anyways, on to my first recap. Please don’t judge- it’ll probably be a little bit all over the place. Sorry.

Book Stuff

For Review:

Ninth City Burning (3.5 stars)

A Short History of the Girl Next Door by Jared Reck (3 stars, review to come ASAP)


my favorite read


My favorite read of July was definitely Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It was a really good Regency era romance that sparked my interest in more Regency era romances. Also, Philip was swoon worthy. In case I haven’t mentioned that enough.

Copy of my favorite read


This was probably the worst series finale I’ve ever read. Which was incredibly frustrating, because I liked the first books. A lot. Most of the book was spent re-explaining the first three books and thrusting Tandy into confusing situations. It left the series with dozens of very loose ends and even more unanswered questions.


I started re-reading the Harry Potter series. As much as I love the movies and the magical world of Harry Potter, I realized that the last time I read the series all the way through was… almost seven years ago.

Right now, I’m on Chamber of Secrets, but I am enjoying experiencing the magic all over again. Also, I feel very proud to be a Hufflepuff.


With every intention of doing Camp NaNoWriMo (hahahaha nope) I started writing a YA novel that included all kinds of diversity rep and chocolate milk addictions and raspberry colored sneakers.

I got about 20,000 words into it before I just couldn’t force myself to go any further. I believe that if your heart isn’t completely invested into your work, what’s the point of continuing?? So that’s on the back burner and I’m turning a new leaf. A new novel is in the works (currently in the planning stage) but I’m actually really excited for it and will keep you all posted.

 for review.jpg

In Music

I just discovered an amazing new band called Postmodern Jukebox. They do modern songs but in like, a jazzy 20s sort of style. I feel very classy just listening to them.

My favorite songs vary from week to week, so I’ve just decided to make a weekly playlist that I can change to suit my tastes.

Favorite Songs this Week:

Hollywood by Michael Bublè- honestly do not get the lyrics but the vibes are so good I just want to jam out 100% of the time.

Play That Sax by Fleur East- that. sax. is. good.

Just A Feeling by Maroon 5- Mournful Adam Levine is something I can listen to all day.

Seven Nation Army (cover) by Postmodern Jukebox- Probably one of the best songs they have. Period. It’s so good.

From Other Bloggers

  • As always, Cait made me super hungry in her fantastic cake tag post. Also, I feel more sarcastic just by reading her posts. Is that normal?
  • Other Cait from A Page With A View posted a review of Marie Lu’s newest book, Warcross, that I MUST GET MY HANDS ON NOW.
  • Ilsa launched her new blog and it’s just so aesthetically pleasing and wonderful, best of luck to her. Go check it out.

personal life.jpg

What have I been doing in my personal life? Mainly trying to get rid of my hot chocolate addiction. Seriously. It’s like 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I keep drinking hot chocolate.

My parents finally got my guitar re-strung, so I’ve been practicing like crazy.


Seriously. I might have to sell my kidneys on the black market. Or the green market. Whatever market will pay me the most money.


Books to Read:

I really need to finish the books I said I would read this summer. Mainly, Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor (have not heard a bad review of it yet), Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (because Peter K, obvs), and Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith (just because I love her books). I’ve also added When Dimple Met Rishi to the list; everyone says it’s really cute.

Unfortunately my local library is closed this entire summer for renovation (how dare they) and so I have no way to access books unless they are sent to me for free or available on Overdrive (which, let’s get real, none of the good books are ever available.)


I Want to Read: 15 books

I Want to Post: 13 times

I Want to Gain: 5 followers

I Want to Write: 25,000 words (bit of a hefty goal since the outline has just started, but I shall try)

I Want to Drink: less hot chocolate (but not really)

Vote for Upcoming Posts

Seriously, I want to post things that you guys want to read. So please, vote for your top three favorite post ideas by commenting the corresponding letters below.

In Writing Advice

A. How to Stop Changing Your Ideas: Keeping All of Those Novel Worthy Ideas but Not Getting Distracted

B. The Importance of Making Your Characters Humanlike (And How To Do It)

C. Playing 20 Questions With Your Characters: Things to Know About Them Before You Continue

In Ranting

D. The Misrepresentation of Disabled Characters in YA Fiction (And Why it Needs to Stop)

E. Stupid Questions People Ask In Bookstores

F. Movie to Film Adaptions that Haven’t Been Created But MUST BE!! NOW.

G. Why We Need to Stop Sexualizing Verbal Abuse in YA Fiction

In Fun

H. You Know You’re a Reader When… 7 Sayings that Non-Bookworms Just Don’t Understand

I. My Writing Playlist (25 Songs That Get Me in a Writing Mood)

J. The Twelve Different Feelings We Have About Books (Emotions Made Up by Yours Truly)


talk to me (1)

Is there anything I could do to improve my blog? What are some goals YOU achieved this month? What are some of your goals for August? 







6 thoughts on “July Recap: My Failed Novel Project and A Lot of Reading

  1. Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink says:

    C, E, J are my votes! (by the way that is such a neat idea!!) UM I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE, drink more! I so want o read When Dimple Met Rishi and Strange The Dreamer is FANTASTIC (thanks for linking to my blog, that means so much!) I NEED WARCROSS TOO! Marie Lu is amazing! OMG, your library is closed right now. THIS IS SAD. Good luck surviving August ❤


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I WANT TO READ AAALL THOSE UPCOMING POST SUGGESTIONS!! *votes for them all* The disability characters rep and making your characters human both seem really fab though!! I can’t wait to read them. *flails*

    Also sadness about your NaNo project, but sometimes books do seem shinier than they truly are. *cries* I’ve discarded a few ideas lately and IT IS PAIN.

    And yay for rereads!! I’ve been rereading a ton lately and it is so so fun. 😀

    Hope you have a great August!


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