Lucky in Love by Kasie West: Lions and Tigers and Anteaters, Oh My!

Lucky in Love is a quick and easy summer read that lacks some of West’s usual charm.

Everyone knows how much I love Kasie West; she’s my favorite contemporary authortop6, hands down. I’ve read The Distance Between Us about two dozen times and I absolutely loved P.S. I Like You and The Fill-In-Boyfriend. 

Every time I open a new Kasie West book, I can’t help but feeling excited.

I wish I felt the same way about Lucky In Love. I wish I did. I wish I could tell you that it was the cutest book I’ve ever read and that when it’s set loose on the shelves in July, you should rush to the store to buy it.

Don’t get me wrong, this book was still cute. Of course it was. I don’t think Kasie West could ever write something that wasn’t cute. But some of the elements that make her other books so heartwarming were missing from this one. That said, I think fans of West will still find this book enjoyable.



things i disliked

Let’s get the negative vibes out of the way first, shall we?

  • The romance [while cute] felt like a subplot. I didn’t get an adequate taste of Seth + Maddie. I wish Seth’s character had been more explored more deeply, so we as readers could get to know him better. Maddie was such a fantastic character that I felt Seth paled considerably in comparison. I just wanted more. 


  • Her parents were both unbearably flat; they had no substance at all. Plus, what kind of parents let their daughter have 30 million dollars and don’t care how she spends it? Come on, guys. I know it’s a lot of money, but you should at least attempt to be responsible. It seemed like their only purpose in the story was to provide tension [they fight a lot].


  • Maddie kept spending her money on stupid things. Like yes, go splurge! Buy some expensive clothes and sure, a cool car is fine. But twenty thousand dollars for one night on a yacht? Come on, girl. I know you’re smarter than this.

the good points

Here we go, now I get to say some positive things and [hopefully] you won’t all think that I’m completely heartless.

  • Maddie was such a likeable person! She was very smart and determined. At the beginning of the novel she seemed lost and unsure. I think winning the lottery really helped her grow. (YAY FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.)


  • The zoo! One of my favorite things about Kasie West is that her characters are always so different. Each of them have their own hobbies and passions. Maddie was really passionate about animals [particularly anteaters]. (Although I kept waiting for her to be frustrated about the quality of zoo animal treatment and she never was. Oh well.)


  • Maddie’s friends, Blaire and Elise, were supportive of Maddie before and after she won the lottery. THIS IS HOW FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS SHOULD BE, GUYS. Building each other up! Maddie and Blaire were especially cute.


  • The date. I won’t elaborate (no spoilers) but there is an adorable date moment in this book that will raise your expectations for your significant other.

the verdict.jpg

My favorite part about Kasie West as an author is her talent for weaving a deeper message/meaning into a fluffy contemporary. I guess I thought Lucky In Love was missing that. Instead of being a Kasie West level novel, it felt like a regular contemporary. It was cute, but it was just… missing some heart. That’s all. Her family centeredness, which is also one of my favorite parts about her books, was not there either.

If you need a quick paced, fun to read contemporary, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this. It is perfect for summer reading. But don’t expect the usual dosage of Kasie’s magic, because you’ll be disappointed.

I’ll be waiting for your next book, Kasie West. I still adore your writing style. Until next time.

Thank you to the publisher, who sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 




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