20 Things to Know About Me (That You Probably Don’t Care to Know but I’m Telling You Anyway.)

Hey! Unless you’re a returning reader from my old blog (in which case, howdy friend!) you probably don’t know anything about me. Fear no more, be prepared to be in awe of how super awesome/interesting/exciting I am!!

1. I’m kind of addicted to hot cocoa.

Fun fact, I recently learned that there is, in fact, a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa. Hot chocolate is when you use water, while cocoa is when you use milk.

The things you learn while aimlessly searching the internet.

[Why would you use water if you could use creamy, delicious milk?? It boggles the mind. I am definitely a cocoa fan.]

I am seriously addicted to this stuff. I think it’s got some sort of magical drug inside it because I CAN’T STOP DRINKING IT, SEND HELP.


2. I aspire to be a best-selling author and professional ice-cream taste tester.

Career goals, am I right?

3. I used to run a blog called Enchanted By A Book.

It was a pretty good blog and it taught me a lot about blogging! But, I realized that my reviews were too formal and didn’t show enough of my personality, which is what makes reading people’s reviews so fun! I wanted to start fresh. Hence, Breathe Pages was born!!!

(You know, figuratively speaking.)

4. I hate hamburgers.

Yes, I’m American. So far, no one has deported me to Canada, so I think I’m okay.

5. I really, really love anything lemon flavored.

There is a cupcake shop just down the street from where I work, and it has the most incredible lemon cupcakes ever created.

One of the ingredients is  literally happiness. I would know. I asked the owner.

6. I play the guitar.

Yes, I am one of the millions of people who can play the famous six stringed instrument. I think I’m probably  close to the reaching Taylor Swift status by now.

7. I listen to music, like, a lot.

My music tastes range from the soundtrack of High School Musical 3 to My Chemical Romance, so I’d say I am pretty well rounded. My favorite artists and bands include Coldplay, Michael Bublè, Olly Murs, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, and OneRepublic. I like songs that put me in a good mood. I have five all-time favorite songs:

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Doubt- Mary J. Blige

Untouchable- Taylor Swift

Fine by Me- Andy Grammer

Yellow- Coldplay

8. I am a full-time optimist.

Speaking of good moods, I love being in a good mood! I find that life is just so much better if you stay happy and drink hot chocolate.

9.  I pretty much obsess over everything.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt “meh” about anything. If you took me to Subway and got me a stale, fast food quality sandwich, I would probably say “OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST SANDWICH EVER MADE I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THANK YOU.”

10. I eat tons of healthy food.

I’m not going to lie here, all of my favorite foods are on the healthy spectrum side of things. Salad? Love it. Alfredo pasta? Basically restores my faith in humanity. Nectarines? Probably the main food at my future wedding.

11. Alice In Wonderland is the greatest thing ever.

I have pretty much always loved Wonderland. For my sweet sixteen two years ago, I had a Murder in Wonderland mystery dinner party and it was freaking awesome. I have tons of Alice in Wonderland collectibles, jewelry, etc. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the Tim Burton movies, but I would still watch them on any given day.

12. I love action movies. And cheesy chic flics.

I know, two very different genres. I can’t help it! Half of me is like, “YES EXPLOSIONS AND BUTT KICKING AND SUPERHEROES” and the other half of me is like, “Oh but Austenland is just so cute. Let’s watch it for the thousandth time.”

13. I have a major crush on Tom Cruise.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this??


*dreamy sigh.* You complete me, Tom.

14. I love coloring.



I love those new adult coloring books and they help me significantly when I am stressed and need to relax (or I have writers block). I wish I could art, but unfortunately my art skills consist of drawing crooked lines with rulers.


15. I can’t stop myself from taking photos.

Gosh, I just really love taking photos. There’s something about flowers that never fails to enchant me, so in the springtime I’m always snapping photos of them at weird angles (and managing to get dirt all over my face.)

I recently joined Bookstagram! I don’t have a cool theme or any props figured out yet, but you can follow me if you want. My username is @breathepages.

Much to the dismay of my friends, I take photos at every single social event to satisfy my other hobby- scrapbooking!!

I absolutely love putting things together. I love finding colors that look great together and adding all sorts of charms and baubles to the pages. My mom always has me on hand when she needs help re-designing a room.

At one point, I even looked into interior design, but unfortunately the pay is extremely low and jobs are scarce. *sighs.*

[Side note: the designing part of me is super frustrated with how this blog looks right now. I have no art or web design skills… if you know someone who does, please email me at breathepages@gmail.com.]

16. I have actually written a book.

Yes!!! It’s a self-published book with Lulu, but I still count it! All of the proceeds from buying a copy are donated to a local hospital. So far I have sold almost 300 copies, which is pretty incredible because I am doing all the marketing myself.

Check it out and buy a copy if you want!

Amazon              Barnes and Noble            Lulu

The cover is gorgeous. See?? Gah. I love it.

The Rose Garden Final.jpg

17. I’m obsessed with reading.

That’s why I started this blog, obviously!! I love to read. I read so much. I spend too much money on books.

Every time I walk into a bookstore, my wallet moans a little. I think it tries to hide my money from me, because I NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TO BUY ALL THE BOOKS I WANT.

I am never, ever going to answer the “What is your favorite book?” question, because it is impossible to answer.

The last book I read was “Love & Gelato” and I quite enjoyed it! It’s the cutest contemporary YA romance, and I’ll have a review up soon. It takes place in Italy. 

Friend me on Goodreads to see my previous reviews and any future mini reviews that won’t make it on to my blog.

18. I have seen every episode of Parks and Rec and consequently have frequent cravings for breakfast foods.

If you haven’t seen the comical masterpiece that is Parks and Recreation, you need to start watching it. Now. Seriously, where have you been?

Also, breakfast foods are delicious. Waffles, scrambled eggs, and breakfast burritos. 

19. I use inspirational quotes everywhere.

Words are powerful. Use them to motivate you! Follow my Pinterest board to see some of my favorites.

drum roll please…..

20. I am incredibly excited to start blogging on Breathe Page!

I would like to quickly outline what my 2017 plans for this blog are, and what you can expect to see.

  • Book Reviews (obviously)
  • Writing Advice
  • Guest Posts (from authors and other bloggers)
  • #LifeofaBookNerd Problems

and finally,

  • A summary post at the beginning of each month that shows what books are being released, what I’m currently reading, what reviews I will be posting, and anything else you can expect to see on the blog for that month!

Well, if you stuck through until the end of this post, I congratulate you! Hopefully you now feel like you know me a bit better. I hope I can see you back here soon.



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